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One of the challenges of this career that I enjoy is: having the great privilege to care for people of all ages from infants to frail older adults as a family medicine provider.

I enjoy everything from teaching about health to the complexity of managing multiple health issues.

Some mornings, I choose not to wake at all, but to rest in the strange solace hurting people find in unconsciousness. Sleep and slog is no way to spend those precious few moments we are graced with. I know I’m not the only person who struggles with the actuality of depression, and the social stigma associated with mental dis-ease.

(Published in MEANDERINGS in the BUTTE WEEKLY April 3, 2019)It’s been a long, cold winter. As someone who has spent most of his life in the Summit Valley and weathered decades of high-mountain northern winter, I know this is nothing new. But inevitably, the darkness settles in and weighs heavy on my body and mind. Near January’s end, just after my 46th birthday, my adult daughters intervened.

I have professional interests in pediatrics, asthma, sports medicine, diabetes, hypertension, dermatology, men's health, women's health, obesity and weight loss.

I am passionate about: my family, building rich relationships with others, enjoying and exploring nature, studying ancient literature, and serving others.

Everyday On Wheels mobile clinic is not wheel chair accessible due to the size of the vehicle.

Patients should be able to safely climb a short set of stairs to enter the mobile clinic.

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