Adventures in online dating 2016

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People erroneously believe that disabled women are not interested in dating, will date just anyone, or cannot be “picky” because we should be grateful to have someone being willing to date us in the first place.

All of these offensive ideas stymie our ability to confidently date online and in person, as well as allow potential romantic suitors to view us equally as our able-bodied counterparts.

I do not have to hide my disability because truthfully, it is kind of difficult to conceal 20-30 pounds of titanium and rubber. Blige song would say, “Take me / As I am / Or have nothing at all” – If I cannot be who I am with potential partners, then those are not the persons I need to be involved with, plain and simple.

It may sound harsh, but when you love yourself unconditionally, you cannot go back to receiving less from others, and will only expect others to love you in the same manner.

I’m tired of the “Woe Is Me” dating narratives for disabled women.

As a disabled woman I know and thoroughly understand the struggles of dating while disabled, which, in some ways, has contributed to my online dating mishaps.

Nothing can kill a budding romance faster than being dropped by your date on a couple’s ride, or finding out he doesn’t own skis, a bike pump, hiking boots.After taking a yearlong break from online dating because of my previous frustrations with it, I decided to give it one more try because I am serious about finding love.I am a single woman who would like to spend her time with someone special.I wholeheartedly understand that I do not have to settle for any old kind of relationship simply because I am in a wheelchair or disabled.I deserve a good, healthy partnership and to date men who value me and see all of me–disability and beyond.

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