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show she wasn’t healthy at the height of her runway career in Paris. ” casting director Douglas Perret, who writes the blog Confessions of a Casting Director, had a different response: Many other commenters point out some people are just naturally tall and lanky.

Owing to a staggering 28-pound weight loss to get down to just 102 pounds, Michael’s hair started falling out and she hadn’t had her period in more than a year. And many more are pretty angry about what Perret had to say.

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SEE: Taylor Swift's 'Call It What You Want' Decoded: Reveals Details of her relationship with Joe Alwyn Keeping each personal detail locked in the box and not letting anyone know about Matthew Gray Gubler's girlfriends, people have grown more curious to know about his own life.Then again, they are both repped by DNA models, so it could also just be purely platonic. She graduated from Grapevine High School in May 2008 and moved to New York shortly thereafter to continue her modeling career.Earlier this week, Ali captioned a picture of Finn: “Not to be weird but hit me up in 4 years @finnwolfhardofficial.” The post was subsequently screencapped and posted on Twitter — where it was not well received since Ali is 27 and Finn is 14.And while some have to Ali's defense by saying it was simply a joke, many of the responses point out that the joke was in poor taste.

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