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There are even people like Roger, who met someone on the site and writes that “thanks to Catholic Singles.com, we feel well on the way to a partnership that can stand the test of time, blessed by Our Loving God and based on that same love that was shown to us through His Son.” “There really are different types of Catholics” says the site’s marketing director Tom Johnson.

“We have the entire range — those who are cultural and those who are passionate about being Catholic.” Johnson says Catholic Singles does not try to attract a certain kind of Catholic, nor discourage anyone from singing up because they don’t fit a certain profile.

Jeff was tired of the bar scene but wasn’t sure where else to go, so he thought he’d give Catholic a try.

After a few fizzles he met Nicole, who worked at a Starbucks out in California.

Users can identify as a progressive, moderate, or conservative when filling out a member profile — an option that’s unavailable on the other two major Catholic dating sites.

Catholic Singles’ members are an impressively diverse crowd, not easily categorized, who are unified only by their faith — even if their experience and practice of that faith varies widely.

“In the way that [I used to meet guys] — how would I meet anybody from Kentucky? “When I hugged him for the first time, I felt like I was at home. In subtle ways, we see God every single day.” Jeff says finding Nicole through Catholic Singles was God’s reminder to him that his life was not over.

If you’re looking to meet a nice Jewish boy or girl, has over half a million members hoping to do the same thing.” Catholic Match makes the same distinction: “Catholic Match, unlike many websites which target Catholics, is faithful to the teachings and values of the Catholic Church.As such, we provide a service which allows our members to be guided by their values and relationship with God — not with scientific formulas.” While these two sites are looking for the Catholics in the crowd, Ave Maria is looking for a specific crowd within the Catholics, touting “a service solely dedicated to helping faithful, practicing Catholics find their future spouse and help them become a better follower of Christ.” Tens of thousands of Catholics are creating community and meeting their future spouses online at sites like these.Three Catholic sites, however, proclaim themselves as the only authentic Catholic online singles services in the United States: the oldest and the most diverse is Catholic-owned Catholic Singles.com, while Catholic has the biggest numbers and the most aggressive web presence, and Ave Maria boasts a more focused and targeted approach.While Catholic Singles.com, Catholic and Ave Maria each approaches its Catholic-ness differently, for all three, it is the selling point and market niche, not to mention the spiritual reason for being.

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