Best soap opera show for dating mating pickup

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The crime-solving is decidedly low-tech, although Longmire isn't nearly as primitively tough or short-spoken as Chuck Norris's Ranger Cordell Walker.Taylor, reminiscent in appearance and tone to a younger Lee Majors, seems to have a pretty firm grip on what's required of his character.Oh wait, True Blood will be back on Sunday, June 10th.It's always something on the week's premier TV night.

Even if he would have married a Cowboys Cheerleader instead. Robin, Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny, Christopher Chulack By ED [email protected] Still renouncing cell phones but somehow missing a Marlboro, Sheriff Walt Longmire strides through Big Sky Country with an elemental resolve and a hurtin' heart.

Being a throwback lately is making a comeback, with the History network still basking in the boffo ratings for its turn-back-the-clock Hatfields & Mc Coys miniseries.

So maybe there's no time like the present for a modern-day Matt Dillon.

A&E has ordered 10 episodes of this Wyoming-set crime drama, adapted from the string of Walt Longmire Mysteries by novelist Craig Johnson.

With Mad Man, Game of Thrones and The Killing winding down their latest runs, it arrives just in time to establish a new Sunday night viewing habit.

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