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Having failed to raise the interest of Brazil’s large brewers in this small and apparently off-track idea, Alan and Anne needed help.I was immediately attracted to the concept, and offered my help and else except practicing Law, a career I had recently abandoned.Xingu’s proven success in Brazil and the USA has been replicated internationally in countries such as Canada, Germany, Italy, France, England and China.Inspired on old recipes of Indian beer, Xingu Black Beer is a two-time winner of Beverage Testing Institute’s Gold Medal as the best dark lager in the world.Alan wished to create a beer that honored and preserved this ancient brew.

Today there are over 5000 microbreweries in America, yet very few have achieved global presence.

Caçador’s brewmaster studied Alan’s research on Amazon beers and after some experimentation finally developed a delicious and very original brew based on the fusion of Brazilian native and European-born cultures that I immediately sent to Alan.

Alan had booked a meeting set at the much looked after and prestigious American Culinary Institute of New York for a formal presentation of the beer, participation without a second thought.

Xingu Black is not only a pioneer beer but also a prizewinner.

For 2 years in a row it was awarded Gold Medals by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago and has been a successful contender in numerous international competitions over the years.

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