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He also becomes increasingly athletic, as he gets involved in a lacrosse team as the star player and even the school's football team as quarterback; in home he is seen body building.

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Then Joseph tells John Redcorn he knows they are both "alike".

Though Connie seems mostly disgusted and annoyed by Joseph, he has admitted to Bobby that he was in love with her. This was only mentioned once and never brought up again.

As of that point, she never really sees Joseph in a romantic light again.

John Redcorn occasionally visits Joseph-- a running gag in early episodes was that whenever Joseph or Dale would mention their relationship as father and son, John Redcorn would appear.

In the episode where Dale takes Joseph on his first deer hunt, John Redcorn appears to present Joseph with a hunting knife given to him by his father, and to impart some wisdom about respecting nature and thanking it for the gift of the deer he would slaughter.

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