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Callie copes with danger better than Manx or Feral, because she's braver than Manx and smarter than either of them.

Introduced in the second season, Felina is a gung-ho Enforcer who happens to be Commander Feral's niece.

(Which is a good thing, considering how lazy and incompetent Manx is.) She's also the SWAT Kats' most powerful ally, although the TV series never revealed how their friendship started.

Callie has a secret communications link with the SWAT Kats (Razor and T-Bone) that allows her to call them into action, and she defends the heroic pilots whenever Commander Feral criticizes them.

However, they used the military salvage that's regularly dropped off at Jake & Chance's Garage to become Razor and T-Bone, aka the SWAT Kats--two high-tech heroes who defend Megakat City from an endless parade of super villains, Aliens and Monsters.

This fearless and dangerously air ace is the best--and toughest but feistiest--pilot in the sky. T-Bone's flying and fighting skills make him "a criminal's worst nightmare" in the air or on the ground.

The SWAT Kats' "High Tech Edge", Razor is an ace leader and an inventor who creates the team's vehicles and weapons. He's cowardly and slightly corrupt, he wears an unconvincing toupee, and he puts at least as much effort into his golf game as running the city, but he's basically a likable comic relief character.These feline felons died while escaping from Alkatraz prison, but Professor Hackle, who had no idea who they were, found them and transplanted their minds into powerful robot bodies.The result: two heavily armed mechanical mobsters with attitudes.To make his twisted dream of Megaswamp City a reality, Viper mutates ordinary plants, reptiles and insects into hideous, kat-eating monsters under his control.Also known as the married gangsters Mac Mange and Molly Mange .

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