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To make matters worse the ‘Certificate of Approval’ system was removed.This was a process that meant that all foreign nationals had to be checked by the Home Office before they were allowed to marry in the UK.Issues such as jurisdiction, domicile and ‘subject of her majesty’ combined with CPS guidance making cases impossible to obtain an outcome.These cases could be prosecuted under the Fraud Act 2006 Section 2 or perhaps 4 but they are not. Few victims would have consented to sex with their partners if they knew that they were already married and not the identity they purported to be!The EU Commission recommended that all member states have a multi-agency forum including non statutory bodies to look at these ‘Marriages of Convenience’ unfortunately the UK did not implement.

These groomers are not men/women seeking an affair from a tired relationship or marriage.

Whilst all forms of online dating scams are harmful imagine being bound to the fraudster in a contract of marriage that is extremely difficult to extract from without serious financial consequences unless there has been a prosecution.

The fact of contracting a marriage or recognising a child solely for the purpose of obtaining, or having obtained, a residence permit or the benefit of protection against expulsion, or for the sole purpose of acquiring, or acquire, the French nationality is punishable by five years of imprisonment and 15 000 Euros fine.

He had already been in prison for using fraudulent documentation in the UK. Through marriage he obtained his immigration status. It transpired that he had been voluntarily deported for fraud but been given a letter from the Home Office stating that ‘should he apply on the basis of marriage he would not be refused’ so this is of course what he did and his wife had no knowledge of his criminal past. Unfortunately not all dating sites carry out checks and of course some of the sites are hosted abroad.

Social media is also being used as a dating site e.g.

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