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"Nonpartner sexual violence victimization is a particularly novel finding that suggests cyber dating abuse may be occurring in the context of social networks that involve greater sexual risk or that [it] may increase vulnerability to sexual violence more generally," write the researchers.There was also a significant association for the girls between high and low cyber dating abuse and reproduction coercion (AOR, 5.7 and 3.0, respectively), as well as contraceptive nonuse (AOR, 4.1 and 1.8, respectively).

"The intersection between technology and unhealthy behaviors in dating relationship assessed in this study clearly represents a challenge for adolescent health promotion," write the investigators, led by Rebecca N. "The associations of cyber dating abuse with sexual behavior and pregnancy risk behaviors suggest a need to integrate ARA [adolescent relationship abuse] education and harm reduction counseling into sexual health assessments in clinical settings," they add.

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