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Minimum and Maximum payments or installments by amount borrowed and loan length. Interest and fees will be charged every day you keep the money.

The example below shows one cash advance with two minimum payments or installments prior to payment in full. We do not require two minimum payments on your payday prior to payment in full. We recommend you pay more than the minimum payment due.

We know how hard it can be to make ends meet until your next payday.

Whether you need cash for three days, three months or until your next payday, we want to get you the right amount of cash for every situation and give you the flexibility and control you need.

You can pay off your loan early without penalty and we will even keep your line of credit open so you can withdraw more money at a later date. Your cash will be sent to your bank account, usually within a day.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Customer Service or ask one of our store associates for more information about our fee structure. You can pay an installment on your FLEX Loan anytime and you only pay interest and fees for the amount of time you keep the money. You can pay the minimum installment or payment due on your payday or you can pay the full sum of your loan anytime you like.

Unlike a Payday Loan or an Installment Loan, a FLEX Loan gives you the ability to apply once and withdraw cash at any time (up to your credit limit).

And unlike a payday loan or installment loan, with a FLEX Loan, you pay it back at your own pace, with conveniently scheduled payments, or installments, aligned with your payday. We offer FLEX Loans both online or at any one of our 24/7 locations all over Tennessee. We attempt to align your line of credit due dates with your paydays.

Traditionally, payday lenders treat all their customers the same: Repeat borrowers with perfect repayment records are charged the same interest and fees as unproven first-time borrowers. So we built the Lend Up Ladder to incentivize responsible actions and enable borrowers to earn access to apply for larger loans at lower interest rates over time.Moreover, they enjoy the natural beauty of Russian women.In most Slavic countries education plays a vital role in society.Today we are not limited to the borders of the neighborhood or city when it comes to dating.You can be with anyone you like, even if this person lives in the other part of the world.

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