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It’s more accepted here in the city and many people get married a second time.Our government can give financial support to poor people if they neither have a job, nor enough income to survive.

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I planned to write about my relationship with my Vietnamese girl, and how it compared with girls from other cultures.However, financial support comes with conditions, so it’s not easy to obtain from the Vietnamese government. Phuong: In Vietnamese culture, people are afraid of divorce. First, the marriage is defined not only as the relationship between two people, but also the connection between their families.It’s generally understood that a divorce would damage the whole family’s image.What was it like growing up in a country that went through massive changes, like Vietnam? The typical Vietnamese girl doesn’t speak English well and is usually shy around foreigners.What is the sentiment about local girls dating Western men? Generally most men traveling to Vietnam on shorter trips only meet girls on Tinder or in nightclubs.

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