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The Shekou Industrial Zone project was led by Hong Kong-based China Merchants Group under Yuan Geng's leadership, and was to become the first export processing industrial zone in mainland China.

On 23 January 1979, the Guangdong provincial administration and the district of Huiyang announced their proposal to rename Bao'an County to Shenzhen and was approved and put into affect by the State Council on March 5 of that year.

The Huiyang District Committee and the Bao'an County Committee however defended the change to rename Bao'an County to Shenzhen, claiming that people in the world knows more about Shenzhen and its port than they know about Bao'an County.

On 31 January 1979, the Central Committee of the Communist Party approved a plan to establish the Shekou Industrial Zone in Shenzhen with the purpose "to lead domestic, overseas, and diversified operations, industrial and commercial integration, and trading" based on the systems of that of Hong Kong and Macau.

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On 18 October, the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee decided to change Bao'an County into Bao'an City and to turn it into a medium-level prefecture-level city with a foreign trade base.The Battle of Tunmen, when the Ming won a naval battle against invading Portuguese, was located south of Nantou.In 1573, the Ming administration dissolved Bao'an County to establish Xin'an County, based in Nantou, which had authority over regions that would be Shenzhen and Hong Kong.In 214 BC(E), when Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified China under the Qin Dynasty, the area went under the jurisdiction of the established Nanhai County, one of three counties that were set up in Lingnan, and was assimilated into Zhongyuan culture.In 331 CE/AD, the Eastern Jin administration split up Nanhai County into two counties: Dongguan County in the south and Bao'an County in the north, with both under the administration of Dongguan Prefecture.

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