Dating for intellegent people

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I’d go crazy and I’d rather save myself the trouble. Smart people seem like they have a harder time stopping to enjoy life because they think too much and always look for a deeper meaning.

They sometimes draw the wrong conclusions because they think everything is more complicated than it really is.

I want to share new experiences and be spontaneous with my guy once in a while. Because smart people tend to be more reclusive, they don’t have as much sex. Either they’re more likely to think of the potential consequences of having too many sexual partners or they’re just too busy trying to solve world problems.

There’s no bigger turn off for me than a guy who’s unmotivated.I don’t care if he’s freaking Einstein—I need someone driven. Because smart guys are often on a different wavelength and can lack social skills, they’re less likely to accept my quirks.If I wake up in the middle of the night from a dream about the end of the world, I want a guy that comforts me and doesn’t tell me I’m being illogical and I need to get over it. However, there are a few reasons I could never date someone with a high IQ again. Even though I know it’s crazy, I’d never feel like I deserve him. I have plenty of brilliant friends and I even had a three-year relationship with a super smart guy.

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