Dating godly men

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This includes doing Christian acts like helping the less fortunate, not using swear words, not having premarital intercourse and attending church on a regular basis.

You should also present yourself in a modest manner.

More lesbian, gay, and bisexual Americans identify as Christian than ever before — 48% to be exact, according to The Advocate.

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The site has millions of Christian gay men and women, and it’s free to join, create a profile with details like your sexual orientation, religion, and age, and browse singles.

The Bible is full of verses that describe what a Christian man should be like, verses that are helpful and trustworthy for a woman who is evaluating a potential husband.

The following are some guidelines based on those verses.

Christianity includes denominations like Baptist, Catholic and Lutheran, to name a few.

You may belong to a different denomination than the Christian man you're dating.

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