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Cheater men dating on line with a smart phone and Dating Online.

Miniature people on laptop keyboard suggesting online dating Woman using dating app and swiping user photos. Online dating concept on a tablet Divorced and dating.

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Sharing a touch, a laugh, an embrace -- or even shuffling around each other unloading groceries or trying to do their first project together.

This couple is laughing, smiling, snuggling and sharing one of those priceless moments that marriage and long-lasting love are comprised of.

Too often, people make the mistake of forgetting that love is a collection of moments like this spread out over years together.

All love begins in an innocuous moment, over popcorn, a dinner, a flat tire and even homework.

Most couples in love cannot pinpoint that exact turning point, the moment the spark became a full fledged flame, but likely it was in a moment like this, laughing and working together.

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