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We get a barrage of the dumbest comments or one-liners (jokingly or not, still annoying) whenever we enter a living room full of our friends/acquaintances we ditched to watch a season of Girls alone. Hosted by 46-year-old Anna Richardson, the programme sees a series of six contestants strip down to select a date in the buff. I think it’s quite hard to get rejected – most people who apply get on,” he said.You’ve got about two hours of standing in a box until it all starts.It ended up being from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon to film half an hour of television.”Ogled on television alongside six others, he gushed: “They come round and take loads of pictures for the mash ups. You were sweating because there was a light shining on you, but there was a draft so it was a bit cold, so there was quite a lot of shaking going on by the boys.No, not milk or white chocolate—dark chocolate only.

Then they said ‘Can you take your clothes off now and pitch yourself to us? It wasn’t so awkward, they made me feel at ease.”Appearing on the show out of a sense of “patriotic duty”, the Kenyan-born bar manager from Edinburgh saw an advert online revealing that there had been a lack of interest in the show from Scottish audiences.

He added: “My sister wants to kill me and I don’t think my Mum and Dad are very happy.

I took a while to break that one."I’d say to anyone it’s a good experience and if you don’t try it, you can’t knock it.

[Read: Alcohol’s effect on sex and libido] #2 Lose the tummy fat.

It’s well-documented in the scientific community that smoking is a cause of impotence and affects erection size. Making it less elastic, thus, reducing its ability to stretch.

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