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As a single man looking for a partner online, Han admits that “women may have higher expectations for men’s economic incomes and physical appearance, and vice versa, so both sides do not match.” Women can’t find the men they want, nor can men – a predicament derived from traditional Chinese views regarding marriage and spouses, which dictate that people should marry within their social class.

According to Sandy To, a sociology professor at the University of Hong Kong, “leftover” men and women are by no means single by choice.

Faced with the various ways the gender imbalance continues to affect marriage and family structures in China, perhaps a true sense of empowerment comes from both men and women willing to demand their rights.

Do you feel like something is missing from your life, your relationships, your marriage, your family, even your workplace?

Li Yu, a 50-year-old divorcee, no longer needs to click through the miscellaneous pages on – the largest online dating website in China – to search for the right man.

This is because she purchased VIP membership for 20,000 yuan (approximately ,080).

“It is now okay to marry someone divorced or widowed.“I see that many girls marry not because they love their men, but simply because they are expected and required by family to be married.” The same is true with Chinese men who have been labeled as “bare branches” to emphasize their single status.Ben Han, a 30-year-old freelance journalist who writes about conservation biology and environmental impact assessment, jokes that he has more chances to see wildlife than single women.“I know it sounds crazy, but in China, despite having more than 37 million [single] men, we can’t get married.Girls are still being discriminated against very much by the age,” wrote Don in a passionate e-mail response.

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