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They are works that I would show to those friends that turn their noses up at anime—we all have them—to prove to them how utterly wrong they are.To do this they must be not only masterpieces of animation, direction and storytelling, but immediately accessible to any viewer.

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Everything is questioned—the over sexualisation of young girls and their idolizing relationships with older men, the continued, accepted association of children with violence.While its philosophical explorations have helped it to stick in Japan’s collective consciousness, its visual style also played a massive role in revitalising the medium, on mecha and character design in particular, spawning not only many imitators but also a current movie series retelling.It is still the original TV run that remains compelling and essential viewing.As such, I have had to leave out popular fan favourites, slice-of-life comedies and high school dramas that are aimed too directly at the otaku demographic and which rely on an understanding of the genre and Japanese pop culture to fully appreciate.Similarly, for us older fans, I’ve left out some longer series that I personally hold very dear—groundbreaking shows like —just because the commitment involved in watching such epically long series is probably too daunting for new anime viewers. An overly stylistic take on the established space opera genre, it’s the story of a disparate bunch of planet-hopping bounty hunters struggling to make a living.

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