Discerning priesthood dating

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About 10 months later, on May 17, 2018 he reached out saying that he was not discerning the priesthood anymore.Therese was still interested and they began dating.Four days later, she received messages from David, also in his mid-20s.Therese said she was initially drawn to David’s profile photo.

I think that can say a lot about how much we love each other and how committed we are.Both Andrew and I wanted to be completely open to God’s will for our vocations, whatever that may be.This meant that both of us were discerning other options than marriage at the same time as discerning whether marriage would be a part of God’s plan in our lives. ) in a moment of religious passion one night I promised God I would become a nun. ” I didn’t realize then that I had to wait for God’s call, not pick my own.David flew in to Los Angeles and Therese met him at the airport.“I was emerging from the arrivals tunnel at the airport and I could see Therese at the end, with both hands extended upwards and waving, then holding her own face and then hands went back in the air again,” David said.

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