Ernest the engine dating

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New site obtained at West Hendford (west of Yeovil).

Garden village established for the employees which became known as Westland.

WW1 Percy was managing director of Petters; production of engines, shell cases and gun carriage equipment.The vehicle was constructed at the Park Road carriage works of Hill and Boll.It weighed 9 cwt including the 120 lb of the Petter engine with its flywheel and side bars.The larger road wheels of the vehicle were 42 in (1.07 m.) in diameter. Petter and Sons Ltd; Ernest and Percy (Percival) were joint managing directors.1897 The twins continued to develop vehicles, the twelfth of which they entered to a competition at Crystal Palace in 1897, without success. The Nautilus Works was named after the fire grates that had made James Petter's fortune in Reckleford The first engines made by Petters were the Standard oil engines which were horizontal open crank engines made to very high standards. They ranged from the AF (1.5 hp) to the LL (50 hp).

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