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Also if you post negative updates like "Site is run by bots" which I also did on my profile , They delete the negative information so I am glad this was an experiment that didn't cost me much, Maybe I'll get a response as I am going to still pop in until my subscription is up but I don't expect much I tried to use this site and when I used a gift card I still can't get into the site. I think all of these sites have a few fake profiles in between. Had contacted a person with intent of securing her company. Worst part is they have sister sites that present ads and you think it is part of this site matching you, but it actually takes you to another site and replicates your profile --which you cannot delete!I can't complain because I did meet a chick, although it took me about three months. Three weeks later she finally answered my first attempt to communicate with her. Never answering any questions I asked, and when I commented that my time on the site was about to run out. Very clever and sophisticated programmed money machine!You may still manage incoming packages on the dashboard or app.Your address is not currently eligible to track incoming package.

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just By the law of averages, I should have received at least some interest. For a good looking guy, I should have had at least some responses. I tend to combine it with Hookup Hangout which is another really good option for chatting and meeting local women.

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