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The company also wanted an Apple Watch app, so people could check occupancy rates for a variety of establishments at a glance.

The design needed to be minimalistic and clean so people could read it quickly.

From the start I focused on the fundamental question: "Who are we designing for? Personas are a great tool for understanding a product's core users, their needs and what they are trying to achieve—they represent user types synthesized from user research.

I created two core types of personas: a pair of personas for the young club-going / dating crowd who would mostly use the mobile app, and another pair of personas for the business customers using a desktop dashboard to monitor foot traffic in their venues.

Once pinch-zoomed in (second screen) more details appear with gender mix percentages.So in an effort to avoid these kinds of questions, how do you move the conversation along?I have 3 solid techniques: Let’s start with my basic go-to: The 3-step sentence generator.is crucial when embarking on a brand new product design project.It was also fascinating, and interesting to learn how to design widgets that would integrate well into various use cases and screens sizes.

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