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In May of the same year, she became one of the first You Tube users accepted into You Tube's revenue sharing program.Gambito's performances typically include comedy sketches in which she impersonates members of her family. As Gambito has stated repeatedly in her videos, she is notably one of the very few top users acting, filming, editing and producing her shorts completely on her own.Not knowing if anyone was even watching felt kind of liberating, in fact.

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Her second video introduced many of the recurring themes in her following sketches, such as her parents' attitude towards her growing popularity over the Internet and her family's ethnic habits seen through the mind of an American.🙌🏼 Get tix: concerts1.livenation.com/event/1C005653… pic.twitter.com/Ws S7CDOT7y JERSEY CITY just added to my comedy tour!! 🤣 Want to see me reenact other familiar scenes LIVE?Check out my stand up comedy show that may be coming to a city near you!So much so that, a year and a half later, her Happy Slip channel is the fifth most subscribed on You Tube.To date, her videos have been watched more than 36 million times, with Asian Americans making up the bulk of her fan base (though she does note that people from every ethnic background write her, "saying 'That's exactly my family, and I'm not even Filipino!

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