Husband dating family friend

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The famous chef did say in a tweet in 2016 that her long-time married father and mother had been there for her in rough times.With that, we can conclude that Sunny can be hopeful in relationship after-all like her father and mother did with their relationship.It's perhaps better not to rush in a relationship for the sake of others.In January 2017, Sunny shared a post which stated that she was in a relationship and was home with her boyfriend in Columbo.

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However, no information about the 'boyfriend' was revealed to the media.She has been linked with different personalities until now, but she has confused everyone with her statements over the years regarding her dating life.Here we present you with a few lesser known facts about her dating life.As of September 2018, Sunny has remained mum on her relationship status, but in the past, she has been through 'off & on gain dating.' Back in September 2017, she had announced to the world that she was 'cool w being singe" at the age of 42.It looks like the TV host remains open for a suitable husband to start a family, but she is unlikely to settle for the sake of it.

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