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Occupation: Ambassador/ Dean of Foreign Service Institute Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad -Iraq/ 25-9-1968. Alaa Hussein Mussa Al-Jawadi — Iraq’s Ambassador to Switzerland – Bern Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Bern – Switzerland Alaa Majid Hussein Al-Hashmi — Iraq’s Ambassador to Kuwait Name: Alaa Majid Hussein Al-Hashimy. SC University of Al- Mustansiriya University physical science. Ammal Mussa Hussein — Iraq’s Ambassador to Vatican Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Vatican Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad- Iraq/ 1958-2-16. Positions Held:• 2006-2009 Deputy Chief Adviser to the Prime Ministry.• 2005-2006 Member of the Transitional National Assembly.• 2004-2005 Member of the Interim National Council.• 2004 Member of the Supreme Commission for the preparation of the First National Conference in Iraq.• 2004-1983 Physician competence of children in the Ministry of Health. Occupation: Head of Africa Department Place and Date of Birth: Al-Najaf – Iraq/ 3- 03- 1952.

Positions Held:• 2009-Current: Ambassador-Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Baghdad-Republic of Iraq.• 2005-2009: University Professor-College of Information Technology-University of Bahrain-Kingdom of Bahrain.• 2003-2005: Director General of Supervision and Scientific Office-Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.• 1985-2003: University Professor, College of Administration and Economics-University of Baghdad. Adel Mustafa Kamil —Dean of Foreign Service Institute Name: Adel Mustafa Kamil. Occupation: Iraqi’s Ambssador in Beijing Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad- 14th of August 1964. 2001-2009: Chief Representative of the PUK to Germany.2001-2006: Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to Germany.1999-2000: Deputy Representative of the PUK and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to the USA. SC University of Salaah Al-deen physical science.• 1979: B. Qualification Attainment:• Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery.• School of Medicine 1983.• Higher Diploma Kids / College of Medicine /Baghdad University, 1996.• BA French Language and Literature / School of Languages. Positions Held:• Iraq’s Ambassador to Brazil – Brasilia.• Ambassador of Iraq to Afghanistan – Kabul.• Head of Consular department & Consular affairs department.• Head of Real state department.• Head of Engineering department.• Ambassador of Iraq to Azerbaijan. Assad Sultan Hachim Abu Gulal — Iraq’s Ambassador in Headquarter Name: Assad Sultan Hachim Abu Gulal. Qualification Attainment: Bachelor of Economics and Administration, Baghdad University. Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador to Vienna – Austria Place and Date of Birth: Sulaymania-Iraq/ 1- 06- 1957.

Civil Engineering London South Bank University (2009). Positions Held: Iraq’s ambassador to the Republic of Finland.2009: Ambassador – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Republic of Iraq.2007-2009: Civil Engineering (River Engineering) – Halcrow Group Limited – London/United Kingdom.2005-2006: Civil Engineering (Building Engineering) – ZBN-Nottuln /Germany.1994-1996: Civil Engineering (Reinforced Concrete Structures) -the great man-made river/Libya.06/1994-11/1994: Civil Engineering (Building construction) -Ali AL- karaki Company/AL- Karak /Jordan.1991-1994: Civil Engineering (Structural Design of Building) -the National Centre for Engineering Consultancy – Ministry of housing-Baghdad/Iraq.1991-1989: Civil Engineering (Building Construction and Structural Design)-Private sector-Baghdad/Iraq. Abdullah Hassan Salih — Iraq’s Ambassador to Jakarta-Indonesia Name: Abdullah Hassan Salih Al-Jubori. Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad –Iraq/ 22 -6 -1962.

in Civil Engineering, College of Engineering-Baghdad University (1983). Ali Yassin Muhammad Kareem — Iraq’s Ambassador to Islamabad – Pakistan Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Islamabad – Pakistan.

Qualification Attainment : • Master of Technology with a focus on the globalization of technology, Assessment of emerging technologies, and the relations between the government and business in 1992.• Ph. in physics in 1986.• Diploma in Physical Engineering, With a focus on transport and kinetic theory of plasma in 1981. Habib Mouhammed Hadi Al-Sader — Ambassador of Iraq To Denmark Name: Habib Mouhammed Hadi Al-Sader. Qualification Attainment:• Honorary Ph D in Media from AL-Hurra University Holland on 15/11/2007.• Bachelor degree in Arabic Language – Art College/Baghdad university with Very good average on 1974. Position Held:• 2002-2010: Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Diabetes and Endocrinology.• 2001-2010: Consultant physician in internal medicine at hospitals in Liverpool, Britain.• 1994-1995: Older resident competence in internal medicine in hospitals in the city of Glasgow education, Britain.• 1990-1991: Teaching Assistant in the Branch of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Baghdad University.• 1990-1988: Resident role in teaching hospitals in Baghdad. Qualification Attainment:• 1988: Ph D Degree in immunology.• 1979: Master Degree in immunology.• 1976: Bachelor Degree in veterinary Medicine. Qualification Attainment:• 1980 Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph. Positions Held:• Assistant scientist at the University of Aachen-Germany.• General Director for Tam Tools Ltd. Sc in Chemistry, College Science, University of Basra. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Tehran Place and Date of Birth: Karbela- Iraq/. Positions Held:• 2016–Current: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of South Africa• 2015– 2015: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq (non-Resident) to the Republic of Estonia• 2013– 2015: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Finland• 2012 – 2013: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq (non-Resident) to the Republic of Latvia• 2011 – 2013: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq (non-Resident) to the Republic of Lithuania• 2010 – 2013: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Poland• 2009 – 2010: Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq.• 2006 – 2009: Political Advisor to Vice President, Baghdad, Iraq.• 2005 – 2006: Member of Parliament – Transitional National Assembly TNA, Iraq.• 2005 – 2005: Member of the Constitution-writing Commission – TNA, Iraq.• 2005 – 2005: Deputy Chairman of Immigration Parliamentary Committee – TNA, Iraq.• 2004 – 2005: Deputy Head of Political Bureau, and member of the Shura leadership Council, IRAQI ISLAMIC SUPREME COUNCIL.• 1990 – 2004: Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering Department, UK.• 1982 – 1989: Lecturer, Technology Polytechnic, Researcher in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department.• 1980 – 1982: Senior Development Engineer, Vibration and Diesel injection control systems, Lucas CAV Ltd, UK. U.• Executive director of Middle East and Islamic world department in the International Alliance for Justice.

Falah Abdulhassan Alsaadi -Iraq’s Ambassador to new delhi Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Head of Planning Policy Department. Occupation: Ambassador Place and Date of Birth: Kerbala-Iraq/ 1951-12-24. Positions Held:• 11/2004-5/2008: Director General of Iraqi Media Network Replacing the cancelled Ministry of information..• 5/2004-11/2004: assigned as a Deputy General Manager of Public Relations for Governing Council and a member of media higher committee.• 2003-2004: General Manger of AL-Salam Television and Radio Institution- Baghdad. Hassan Hani Al-Janabi — Iraq’s Ambassaor in Ankara Name: Hassan Hani Al-Janabi. Hussein Mahdi Al-Amree — Iraq’s Ambassador to Sudan – khartoum Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Kharttoum Place and Date of Birth: Najaf- Iraq/ 1-July-1953. Positions Held:• 2006-2009: Veterinary Volunteer.• 2006: Scientific Expert.• 2003-2006: Managing Director.• 1996-2003: Senior Consultant.• 1996-2003: University Professor (Amman University).• 1996-1997: Post-Doctoral research fellowship.• 1993-1996: University Professor (Al-Isra University).• 1991-1993: University Professor (Baghdad University).• 1989-1991: University Professor (AL-Kufa University).• 1982-1989: Ph D graduate. Hussein Mahmoud Fadhil Allah Al-Khateeb — Ambassador to Geneva Name: Dr. Occupation: Ambassador to Ankara Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad-Iraq/ 1-07-1953. D.) in Inorganic Chemistry, Unversity of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in England.• 1977 Master of Science ,(M. Company in Worselen / Germany.• From Okt.2009 as Ambassador at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Baghdad-Iraq. Qualification Attainment: 1991: Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery – Baghdad.2001: Master of Community Medicine – Baghdad. in Chemistry, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. Positions Held: Head of Applied Chemistry Division/ University of Technology. Mouhammed Hakim ِAbd Ali Al-Rubaie — Iraq’s Ambassador to romania – Bucharest Name: Mouhammed Hakim Abd Ali Al-Rubaie. Qualification Attainment: Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Accountancy College of administration and economy – Basrah University 1978 – 1979 Positions Held:• October 2nd 2013: official start of the Mission at the Iraqi Embassy in Bratislava – Slovak republic, after presenting the Letters of Credence to his Excellency, President of the Slovak republic, Mr. Safia Talib Al-Suhail — Iraq’s Ambassador to Amman – Jordan Name: Safia Talib Al-Suhail. Salih Hussein Ali Al-Timmimi — Iraq’s Ambassasdor to London – UK Name: Dr. Positions Held: Researcher/ Petroleum research center. Coordinator of Universities affairs/ office of deputy minister of higher education. Ahmed Abu Bakir Hassan Bamirni — Iraq’s Ambassador to Rome – Italy Name: Dr. Occupation: Ambassador/ Iraq’s Ambassador to Sweden Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad- Iraq/ 1960. Ambassador in the Republic of Iraq-Ministry of foreign Affairs(2009). Ahmed Nayif Rashid — Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo – Egypt Name: Ahmed Nayif Rasheed Occupation: Ambassador/ Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo. Positions Held: 2001-2009: Professor at Baghdad University Faculty of Arts. A in English Language and Literature.• Diploma in English Language.• Diploma in IT. Position Held:• Currently: Iraq’s ambassador Sweden – Stockholm. Bassim Hatab Al-Tuma — Iraq’s Ambassador Canberra Australia Name: Bassim Hattab Habash Al- Tumma. • Head of the Economic department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Burhan Namik Salim Al-Jaff — Iraq’s Ambassador to Nairobi Name: Burhan Namik Salim Al-Jaff. Fakhri Hassan Mahdi Al-Issa — Iraq’s Ambassador to Belgrade – Serbia Name: Fakhri Hassan Mehdi Al-Issa. Place and Date of Birth: Basra – Iraq / 15 -1-1955. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Permanent Representation to New York Place and Date of Brith: Najaf – Iraq/ 20 -04-1958. University lecturer/ Al-Nahrain University collage of science. Ahmed Kamal Hassan AL-Kamali — Iraq’s Ambassador to Sweden Name: Ahmed Kamal Hassan A- Kamaly. Qualification Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy, nine research in political sociology. Qualification Attainment: PHD in Literature – University of Baghdad /1992. Positions Held:• 2003-2010: Dean of the college of literature and Arts at University of Basra. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo – Egypt, the Representative of Iraq to the Arab League. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Moscow Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq/ 27-7-1970. Occupation: iraq’s ambassador to south korea Hisham Ali Akber Ibrahim Al-Alawi — Iraq’s Ambassador to The Hague Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Tokyo Place and Date of Birth: Swayira-Wasit-Iraq/ . Kahtan Taha Khalef — Iraq’s Ambassaor to Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Name: Kahtan Taha Khalaf Janabi. Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador Tunisia Marital status: Married. Qualification Attainment: BSc Electrical Engineering. Positions Held: Head of department of communication and information technology. Matheel Dhayif Al-Sabti — Iraq’s Ambassador to Helsinki – Finland Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Helsinki – Finland. Mouhammed Hussein Mouhammed Bahar Al-Uloom — Iraq’s Ambassdor to Permanent Representation to New York Name: Mouhammed Hussein Mouhmmed Bahar Al-Uloom. Speaking to journalists after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said the roadmap included around billion of contracts in total that was "subject to competition" although "Siemens has big chances to secure a large share"."Negotiations will continue over specific projects in the roadmap to improve the terms of the deal, including prices," the ministry said.

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