Is jeremy sumpter and rachel hurd wood dating 3194 when updating to ios

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They did not date each other, go out on a date, etc.Did Jeremy really hurt himself on set of Peter Pan?What's happening with Jeremy and this 20 year old model, did anything happen??

Being dangled by the wires is amazing but yeah, it was hard work.

It looks computerized, and the picture of him and Angie doesn't even look real.

I think the owner of the site makes up stories and articles just to be If she were a real Jeremy fan that site would have never been created.

I had to be in that stuff and fly like a perfect flyer. And so, it was really hard for me but after a while I got used to it and I was able to do it.

It was a lot of hard work and yet it was really fun. Hurd-Wood was spared the stunt work but playing Wendy was something she could identify with.

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