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Better Together Dating describes itself as "a unique dating service for the 48%; for those who know that Britain is stronger within Europe, for those who celebrate the diversity, joy, and love that our great continent provides." And, more specifically, for those suffering from "Bregret."This non-partisan dating platform explores each user's political preferences in order to make matches based on our deepest beliefs about this democratic republic.

The result of Britain's stay-or-go vote was staggering news for many millions around the world, but this app wants to help kick-start life (and love) after Brexit for eurozone fans.Which means that they do a smash-up job of planning that extra special, over-the-top anniversary or birthday extravaganza.Virtually all of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten have come from libertarian guys.Maybe you will also spend your birthday knocking doors for a “true liberty” candidate. These fights dissipate quickly and always end with looking at GIFs of cats, and secretly thinking your significant other will eventually realize she/he has been wrong all along.If you are a friend of the free market who is dreading Valentine’s Day, take heart in hoping that your forever alone, socially awkward, closet case, or basement dweller is out there waiting to make all your dreams come true.

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