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It’s like Peru’s younger brother without the history.

I’d say visiting anywhere other than Santiago is pointless if your goal is to get laid.

A pleasing personality is something that Chilean women can take pride in, but there is also their singular beauty.

The appearance of a Chilean woman varies and comes in many colors and shapes, but most are well built, with tanned or light skin and hair from blonde to black in color.

Below the local Chilean guys, at the lowest end of the totem pole, are men from Peru and Bolivia.

This is due to many immigrants coming to find work in the country with the strongest economy in South America and the resentment this has caused amongst the locals.

Back in 2011, I arrived in Chile on a cold, dreary winter’s day in August (Southern Hemisphere guys) and as I sat on the bus from the airport to the center of Santiago, I looked out the window and thought that I was in Krakow or some other gray, ex-Soviet block country.

Ok, so you know what to expect when you get to Santiago.

If you find yourself in or headed to Chile, you’ll want to check this out.

The knowledge dropped on Chilean women here is solid and actionable.

Economic stability brings the benefits of safety and a low crime rate (don’t worry, I won’t talk about politics in this article). There are much cheaper countries in Latin America if you are willing to rough it.

Santiago has a similar look and feels to Lima, Peru – without the beach.

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