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What they thought was a harmless joke, quickly turns into a hate-crime investigation headed by super-mom Julie, who declares she will evict whoever is responsible.Meanwhile, Gil and Dennah compete for the last "plus one" invite.Meanwhile, Annie tries to find out what Jake's hiding from her in his desk.Annie attempts to host the family Thanksgiving gathering for the first time, but first has to break the news to Jake's mom, Myrna, who was always in charge of hosting Thanksgiving in the past.Annie and her dads (who are also newly engaged) compete for the attention of cousin Scooby (Nat Faxon) when they find out he can only attend one of their weddings.Meanwhile, Gil bonds with a group of teenagers after being ditched by Dennah and Kay, who get sucked into a Law & Order marathon.

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The gang attends a baby shower but nobody can remember the first name of the host and they have come up with elaborate ways to hide this fact.

Annie and Jake try to help Gil realize that he has become entirely too dependent on Jake for everything.

But when they push Gil to take charge of his life, the disruption in their relationship threatens to break the balance in their entire group of friends.

Myrna appears to be supportive at first, but Annie eventually realizes that Myrna sees this as a competition between them as the most important woman in Jake's life.

Meanwhile, Gil discovers the strange world of underground cheese tasting.

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