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I know her full address, her town, her siblings names and some of her siblings' Facebook accounts.I don't have them added, but I know that they're her siblings' accounts.She'll have like one photo she took on Eid day, or something. And she said she is just reading the messages and deleting her inbox. Why do you still actively check your okcupid account? Her: I never changed it, it's there from beginning. Her: yh I got over it and didn't want to argue anymore.I would trade more photos with her than she would trade with me. I guess she just likes to read the messages people send her? But I tried to get her to delete her app or stop getting on it or at least change her status to "in a relationship"Here's what the chat ended up looking like: Me: I got a notification on my email from someone on okcupid, I forgot I even still had an account. Her: I was just checking my profile i had so many msg i dont get new ones haha So i was deleting my msg there Me: So you like seeing messages from guys who are trying to date you? Her: I dont care just checking what i have there tjats all Me: Do you like the attention from guys? itz just an app Me: all of the guys messaging you, want to date you. Her: Who cares about them Me: You do, or else you wouldn't actively be checking it. Fast forward a couple months where we're still acting like a normal cute couple over text.I joked with her over text that night and told her that an expensive gift such as that is a package that comes with marriage and she just got happy and said okay and put smiley faces and said she understands. So either she's from a low-mid class family or she just appreciates money and doesn't take it for granted.Before she got on the train, I told her that I would buy her data and that it's okay and insisted, but she was just saying "wallah it's okay, I don't use data anyways and it'll go to waste.Now here's where some of the weird stuff begins. As she's told me before, she hates social media and doesn't use it much.All of her social media accounts are of a completely different alias. A month later, one of her friends on Facebook is flirting with her and I notice this and express my concern, she tells me that she didn't notice because she doesn't check her Facebook (which she didn't, she poets once a month or so).

So she doesn't take random photos like most girls.Also she's borrowing her friend's phone a lot because hers randomly dies. And so it will hit 40 percent battery and her phone will shut off.I did mention I might look at a phone while I'm out here and she got excited.We're about the same age, around our early twenties.When we first started dating, she was always kind of busy with University and studying and she hangs out with her friends in the city, eats at the cafe with her parents and drinks coffee and stuff. She hates technology though, she's not always on her phone like I see in America, she doesn't have data and will sometimes buy data to talk to me if she leaves for a long amount of time, or over a weekend of something.

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