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“Tin Dating provides unlimited free tools, so singles can socialize and connect with each other in a community of more than 100,000 members,” said Javier Ayvar, who co-founded Tindatng with his wife, Leticia Eritier.” Tin Dating has recently taken up a new motto: “Let’s escape.” The platform sends a liberating message to singles who feel stuck in bad dating patterns or dreary love lives. The dating site plans to stimulate and revitalize its members with opportunities to travel to beautiful and exotic locations.

This travel experiences will include two single women and one single man, who is their guest during the trip.

The Dating Pass will calculate these points and notify users who qualify for a travel experience.

They can then get in touch with travelers in the community and hop on an excursion.

Not just anyone can take advantage of this offer however.

You get private messaging for free, just for signing up.

“This new feature will focus on connecting travelers who already have an independent trip,” Javier explained, “and wish to invite someone else from our community, whom they do not yet know, to join them.” Tin Dating facilitates romantic opportunities to see new places and meet new people, so its members have something to look forward to.

Tin Dating is continually evolving to meet the needs of today’s singles.

Daters in a rut often crave fresh experiences, new ideas, and exciting relationships, and that’s exactly what Tin Dating, a revolutionary dating platform, aims to provide by organizing unique travel experiences for three lucky members at a time.

Tin Dating’s exotic getaways invite singles to let go of their everyday concerns and revitalize their love lives during an unforgettable weekend.

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