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In true Michael Keaton style, he serves up humor and pathos in one delicious meal. Peter Bretter, from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” shares your pain.Abruptly dumped by his lady love for another guy, he achingly and hilariously tries to get over her.So curl up with a blanket and settle in for some Netflix.If I’ve learned anything from Albert Brooks, it’s that needy may not be attractive, but it’s very human. If you’re in need of a good cry, a really good cry, this is the way to go. ” A pint of Haagen Das only lasts so long, and drowning your sorrows in alcohol can only get you so far. Below is a list of movies (from tear-jerkers to gut-busters with soul) to help you get your equilibrium back, if even for a short while.I don’t just mean about college but in terms of its raucousness and raunchiness.

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Watching Jason Robards realize that his youngest of four adult children, whom he adores, will never be the man he thought he had raised will break your heart… Yes, in case you’re wondering, this is the movie that spawned the very successful TV series “Parenthood” 20 years later. Most people, at least once in their lives, experience the grief of a breakup. Starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali Mc Graw in their prime, it’s full of young, intense, satisfying love with a devastating end. Emotions can vary from relief to guilt and gut-wrenching agony. “Love Story” has all of the emotional torture you’re looking for.BE: To keep things under wraps for those who haven’t yet seen the film, I’m just curious if, as you were reading the script, you were able to see the direction of your character’s plot arc coming? It’s a different thing when you’re reading it, you know. () I kind of got the idea where this might go, only ‘cause it’s my own sense of storytelling. BE: It’s a really solid ensemble as well, a lot of up-and-comers as well as some decidedly established names. They didn’t even want to have us on the lot, you know? I don’t think anybody could have foreseen its success.It was a new look at comedy, which, you know, has spawned movie after movie after movie.

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