Postdating a check illegal yanni dating

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For this, you want a “Promissory Note”, not a check.Many states have laws addressing postdated checks and consequences for cashing a postdated check before the check’s date.The debt collector may also be responsible for paying the plaintiff’s attorney fees and the costs of bringing the lawsuit.(15 USC § § 1692f, 1692k) Some states have laws that mirror the federal law’s prohibited debt collection practices. § 63-4006) Laws governing the early cashing and depositing of postdated checks can vary among states, although many jurisdictions have similar provisions.

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Postdated checks are written to be drawn from the checking account only after a certain date.For example, if the customer verbally informs the bank on May 1 that the customer has written a check with the date June 1, the bank will not be liable if it pays the check on May 15.If a bank does pay a postdated check before the check’s date even though it has received proper notice from the customer, the bank is liable to the customer for any loss resulting from the bank prematurely paying the check. § § 11-4-401, 11-4-403) West Virginia law contains several prohibitions addressing early payment of postdated checks.A post-dated check would not be fraud by itself, unless you never intended to fund the account.That said, the date does not prevent the bank from accepting the check before the date.

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