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Of course the disproportionate intrest in yiff was a huge turn-off to mainstream society, and any hope of the fandom revolutionizing the image of the furry animal character in popular culture as something more universal was all but lost. Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with this highly social aspect of furry to comment on it in any detail. A downside of this aspect of furry seems to be that some harmful views on sexual behavior are accepted, such as pedophilia for example.

They hoped to bring a realness and sophistication to the world of the anthropomorph. it often irks me that there are close to no furry animated films or stories made that adults can truely enjoy, nor much respect for the worlds of animals themselves, to say nothing of anthropomorphic characters. ) started to become a very prominant part of the fandom.

) There was sex to it as well, but only in the same proportion as reflected by society in general, as part of the realism of the furry characters. In fact, some furs began to care about nothing else other than yiff, turning it into a sex-based fandom, or destroying the fandom altogether in the eyes of some furs, who remain very bitter about it to this day, some of which began to call themselves "burned furs" and distance themselves from the fandom.

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Here, we'll look at the different definitions of furry, as I see them anyway. It can be likened to the Star Trek fandom or similar.

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