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Consider this to be fair warning and we reserve the right to take legal action against people who commit fraud while using our site. * In order to arrange genuine dates for you, esync need to make sure all of our members are eligible singles.

* We keep your NRIC strictly confidential, so you can be always assured.

If you are dealing with a disability, or you are interested in individuals regardless of whether or not they are dealing with a disability, Meet Disabled Singles is the site for you. Quadriplegic Dating While there are a number of online dating sites that cater to the needs of the disabled, Quadraplegic Dating is specifically designed for those dealing with Quadriplegia and for those open to a connection with Quadraplegics.This site presumes a certain level of recovery." NOTE: Anyone considering membership is strongly encouraged to first consult with their psychiatrist and/or social worker.Dateable Dateable was founded in 1987 to combat the isolation and social discrimination often experienced by people with disabilities.Whether that connection be friendship, support or romance is up the the individuals, but this site offers a very targeted community for each of these two types of people.HFriends is dedicated to becoming the number one site on the internet for people with disabilities (PWD).

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