Rex goudie dating melissa

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"The stuff that I've accumulated nobody else has," she says."This is a biography that goes right back to the day he was born." The book is to be crammed with never-before-seen photographs of the singer culled from the Goudie family photo album, adds Creative's Francis. Melissa is the youngest female as well as the first female to win the title of "Canadian Idol".Neil is currently in a relationship with a guy whose identity is still a mystery.Born Melissa Crystal O'Neil on July 12, 1988, in Calgary, Alberta, O'Neil didn't start singing professionally at a young age like most pop prodigies these days.

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"Our author's been out to visit his parents, she's talked to his family, to his grandmother." Retorts Kelly: "I'm not sure what the other biography is going to entail, but I know my biography is going to be about the story of Rex Goudie." He adds, of his competitors: "They'll have baby pictures." Both Kielley and Kelly make no secret of how they feel about Goudie.

In his home province, he is considered more than that: a small-town, true-blue islander who even on the slick Idol sets of Toronto revelled in his roots, pouring on the brogue whether the Canadian Idol judges understood him or not.

"He's reached superstar status in the eyes of Newfoundlanders," says Donna Francis, head of sales and marketing at Creative Books, one of the publishers releasing a Goudie book this fall.

Though they have never met, both writers look askance at the other's work.

"There's an unauthorized biography going out," says Kielley, noting her exclusive access to Goudie since he signed a contract with Creative Books early this year.

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