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I want to create a 3px gap in top and bottom of the Right Nav Left Border line.. I just can't see myself paying for an upgrade on top of the (barely justifiable) charge for the current Mobile Me.

As I understand, if we win the lawsuit, they will accept all 485 filed in July, no matter July 2 or 31. In its note Bulletin2Jul07.pdf, the USCIS clearly says it would reject applications starting 7/2.

Thus, you may want to pay close attention for a move up to the .63 area but be careful because the stock may face selling pressure at this level. V6's in mid-size sedans will become rare with CAFE. The next-gen Fusion will also ditch the V6 from what I hear. Both the Sonata and the Malibu fail if compared to the Fusion, here at least.

It is not about having a V6, but paying more for a same size car with same equipment but with 170hp as compared to 245, the latter wins. What percentage of i Phone users are on Verizon (world wide)?

Plus the current Malibu is ugly as hell, let's face it. And if Hyundai sold the 200bhp Sonata here, I am sure it would be a win, even costing more than a V6 Azera, which is ridiculous. Serious question, because I don't see how Verizon getting the i Phone 4 has anything to do with an i Phone 5 release date.

I think the free 38 character engraving is one of the things that makes this product so special. I really doubt 4g will be coming with the next i Phone.

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I appreciate all the cowards, who gave me red, just because I'm talking about basic rights for all, including them and they are hell bent on finding the legal ways how not to raise your voice.Buying one without it seems to devalue it's significance to me. Everyone seems to think Verizon and its customers have some sort of power over apple.:rolleyes: :confused: :eek: Examples of cool engravings would be: Reward 4 Return 555.555.6789 Taylor B. I just had an Early_Unit_End on the p6900 I was 60% though. Must have been a bad WU because this computer has been rock stable so far, not so much as a hiccup. If you are commenting on what you do, then its people like you that make the studios demand limits on legitimate customers like me. So whatever you do, don't support my behavior by clicking the ads. -rand()Finally got my MBP set up the way I wanted to, quite similar to this. Wasn't an issue for the rest of the world and all the carriers and customers that got i Phones mid-cycle between the 3GS and 4. They will however IMO make any new iphones with dual chips and (hopefully) more memory. Like everybody I do have a wish list of what the next iphone I buy should have.I personally tried to do this in my institution but I was turned away; also my institution is very small unlike for example: University of California schools, or University of Texas schools.In all these institutions, the affected researchers work for individual Nobel laureates, accomplished professors (both chinese and Indian origin AND native born Americans) who can support the efforts.

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