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When I first saw the headline I thought “Haha, this is gonna be funny! It’s full of all sorts of things like ‘It is not mandatory that you are at every gig,’ and ‘Do not complain when your special day gets cancelled because a gig has been booked,’ and ‘Babies don’t make guys quit bands,’ and ‘Do not get jealous when your boyfriend/girlfriend talks to groupies.’ In short, comes off as a bunch of douchebaggy rules written by an obvious douchebag who wants to somehow have a girlfriend and be a douchebag at the same time.

This way, I'll still talk to other people, but mentally I'm like, 2. So basically don't date a musician unless you don't* spending Should be " rules for dating a musician if you have low self-esteem/you're a.And as time goes on and seasons change, your time apart agreement can be flexible too. They always need helpers to work with the animals and those furry guys will end up helping you more than you are helping them. They sleep on a pile of garbage bags next to a pile of their own vomit. However, most of my band mates and musician friends basically live on a stack of pizza boxes, whisky, and Muscle Milk. We might be at a party having a great night together, and then I get a song idea and have to lock myself and my instruments (look, sometimes I do bring them with me, you never know) in the bathroom for a while because it's a very good chord progression. It's got to be kind of weird to listen to them, but you're here now and they're not.

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