Scarlett johansson is dating

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After this, she dated a non-celeb, and advertising executive named Nate Naylor (try saying that five times fast), with this couple breaking up in October 2012.2012: A month after the split with Naylor, Johansson began seeing Romain Dauriac, who she met through a friend who is a tattoo artist; the two share a love for tattoos.

Things went well, with the pair getting engaged in September 2013 and marrying in October 2014.

In response, the actress acknowledged that Ruffalo was calling her out, saying, “All right…” .

At the time, Johansson was married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Interestingly, Reynold’s has recently joined the Disney/Marvel family, now that Fox, the studio responsible for his character Deadpool, has been purchased by Disney.

In September 2014, a month before their wedding, the two had a child together, daughter Rose Dorothy.

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However, this relationship went much better than her previous ones, as not even a full year later, in May 2008, the two got engaged and in September of that year, the couple wed in a small event in British Columbia, Canada, though they would live in Los Angeles.At present, Johansson is in another high-profile relationship. While many of her co-stars including Robert Downey Jr.(Tony Stark / Iron Man) and Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America) have indicated that their time in the MCU is coming to an end, Johansson has said no such thing. On April 7, 2019, at a press junket for the upcoming Marvel film, Mark Ruffalo made a joke about how long he and the other original Avengers have been working together.“It’s the closest thing you have to continuity, and friendships, and watching people grow up, and have children and then divorced, and then get remarried…” While this comment seemed innocuous, the circumstances of it only apply to one of them: Johansson.

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