Shepard smith dating

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In a 2003 poll conducted by TV Guide, he tied for the position of second most trusted TV news anchor with the likes of network giants like Peter Jennings and Dan Rather.

Personal Life and Controversy In 1987, Smith married Virginia Donald, who was a fellow classmate from his time at the University of Mississippi.

Altogether, his work at the cable news channel is rumored to earn him an impressive million per year income, and his net worth is estimated to be somewhere around the million mark.

Humble Beginnings and Fast Rise Shepard’s career began at a local stations around Florida in markets such as Gainesville and Miami.

He is also known for being the managing editor of Fox News’ Breaking News Division.And the incident wasn’t the first time, he was noticed unexpectedly shouting many times. Shephard was in arrested in November 2000 by the Florida Police in the case of an aggravated battery with another fellow reporter over the issue of a parking space.Another report of Gawker mentions that he was ready to face the public openly regarding the sexual orientation, which was plainly denied by the president of the Fox News Channel. Roger Ailes described that the conservative audience of Fox News is yet not ready to handle a gay anchor.That is because most people who have heard of him will only know him by the name, Shepard Smith.This well known name belongs to one of Fox News Channel’s most recognizable anchors.

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