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If you have not been getting the results that you wanted with women, the chances are that you've been (unknowingly) violating one (or all! Caution: The content inside this module may be is designed to be manipulative!The reason the Method works so well is that it exploits and manipulates the psychological flaws which are naturally found inside the female mind.Remember: Shogun Method is the only system which shows you how to enslave a woman emotionally to you - so that she sticks with you through thick and thin.Yes, because every woman is by nature wired the same way psychologically.This was where forbidden knowledge on Mind Control was being shared freely behind iron walls closed to the outside world.Members of MKDELTA dissected insidious Mind Control techniques that put their victims into a During the three years I was in the group I completely immersed myself in Mind Control techniques, and I ended up formulating a step-by-step Method on how to use stealthy Mind Control techniques on women to generate raw, almost Women have a flaw embedded deep inside their minds which make them vulnerable to men who know how to exploit that flaw. Of course, if you are a healthy, red-blooded male, then you'll be turned on more by that sexy lingerie model than that old woman. For us guys, our Attraction Buttons are pushed when we see specific is the world’s one and only dating system built on military-grade Mind Control technology.In this module, you'll learn what these flaws are, and how to manipulate them to your benefit. The IRAE Model is the "gut" of the Shogun Method™ - it is the definitive, 4-stage roadmap you can use to seduce any woman from start to finish: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement ("Trying to build attraction without first establishing rapport is a classic newbie mistake.

Find out what the Preconditions are, and why they are absolutely crucial to your success.

"I was fresh from a breakup, but I was really reluctant to get back into the dating scene...

because I just didn't want to compete with guys in their 20's for women.

Despite this, however, it’s important to set your expectations right. It won’t give you “seduction superpowers” overnight if that’s what you’re looking for. Personal coaching (valid for one full year from the date of purchase) is included as part of the Shogun Method package.

The truth is that most guys are lazy, unmotivated and expect to be successful without having to lift a finger. n the other hand, if you're willing to diligently go through all eight modules and importantly, PRACTICE what you have learned, then Shogun Method will solve all your relationship and marriage problems once and for all. Our clients have repeatedly told us that the personal coaching feature is the most helpful component of our program.

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