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We certainly did very little out of the ordinary and for us, spicing things up would mean we did it in another room in the house rather than the bedroom.

You may have heard of the 7 year itch and in the case of our relationship, it couldn't have been more apt.

I broke down in tears and took this as an ultimate rejection of myself. He wanted to engage in strange and ludicrous acts that would have made even Hugh Hefner shiver in disgust. No one in their right mind could have possibly sought to do the things that he wanted me to do to him.

I convinced him that we needed therapy if we wanted to move forward with our sexual relationship to which he reluctantly agreed. The therapist would cure my man of his depravity and hopefully, we would be able to leave the whole sordid mess behind us and pretend it never happened.

" Guilt crept in and I became more and more reluctant to perform these sorts of acts whilst my husbands desire started to grow for them.

As my interest and guilt kicked in, my husband started demanding more. This was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

"It's actually perfectly normal," continued the therapist.

But as this woman was showing me, the same could probably be said if I knew what they were up to. A change in partner would provide the excitement he was after. I called him names but felt weird doing it and hardly very convincing.To me this was about as out there as I could possibly have imagined although I did enjoy this naughty aspect of our sex lives.I kept thinking, "what if my friends knew what we were up to?Firstly, for many Dom's and Sub's, this isn't a one off event but a lifestyle.The Dom/Sub relationship extends to every part of that persons life and isn't restricted to the bedroom.

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