Sonic dating sim

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(and food) Below is a long story about why i'm doing this, for anyone that happens to be really curious about a lot of unnecessary text For a while i used to browse the sonic retro fangame forums and i'd often hear people say "im going to make an hd sonic game!

" and their thread gets missing because nothing is shown for it.

The top part has rings and time counters are almost identical to Sonic Advance 2, and the bottom part has the Life (1-up) image is a head from a frame in Sonic's idle animation with a Sonic The Hedgehog text to the right.

He is aided by Tom Wachowski (played by James Marsden from Westworld), a small-town sheriff who travels to San Francisco.

shows that the movie will have references to Green Hill Zone, the most famous level in the Sonic video games franchise.

So i got in contact with him and showed him bits and pieces of the decade old photoshop animations i did based off of the sonic CD animations.

He was pretty up for the idea so i went ahead with it.

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