Starcraft 2 updating setup files

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NOTE that if you have the cinematics addon already installed and you wish to use it, DO NOT replace "SCMRcinematics" with the file included in Map Pack 1/2.

This is a placeholder file required only if cinematics addon is not used.

Add to that, the legendary multiplayer of the game is here in full force. Enjoy & Play Release Note: El Amigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Reloaded lang fix by Tapek Skirmish fix by El Amigos). Included content: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Heart of the Swarm Legacy of the Void.

To anyone wondering why our team hasn't done X or has left in a bug - ultimately it comes down to a simple truth: time is limited.

We're a small team with varying levels of involvement and none of us are actively involved in this project all the time.

Also check out: our project thread at Team Liquid a commentated playthrough by Jayborino (hard difficulty) a playthrough by professional Starcraft 2 player Crank (Hot S version, hard difficulty) SCMR version 6.2.1 - a small bug-fix update to SCMRmod - is out.

With that, SCMR is done for the foreseeable future.

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