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And speaking of gays, a gay man is intrigued but also nervous by the prospect of selling his used socks to a mysterious stranger.

Are you, (or is someone you love) stuck in a region which refuses to teach realistic sex ed? 206-302-2064 A woman has endured 10 years of sexual harassment from a creep she works with.What happens when homophobic parents never come around?Dan speaks with writer Aaron Hartzler, author of “Rapture Practice,” about coming out to intractable family.Get 50% off your first order by visiting Naturebox.com/savage The Savage Lovecast sponsored by Casper, an online retailer of premium mattresses for a fraction of the price -- because everyone deserves a great night’s sleep.Get off any mattress purchase by visiting casper.com/savagelove and enter the promo code savagelove.

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