Tom reedy dating william stracheys introduction text for dating examples

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Even if the Strachey letter had never been found, we could still date they share a stratum.

To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Oxford is more like some long-forgotten society band leader, a footnote to the history of everything.)So, other than making a dog’s breakfast of the Jacobean Zeitgeist, what’s up with this book?They’ve decided that a lost play performed on Shrove Monday 1605, in disguise.Not to mention such odd matters as the reappearances of satyrs’ dances and of white bears. They’d still be left with a sow’s ear of a poet, but at least he’d’ve had a pulse.Those Oxfordians trying to unravel The Tempest from the Blackfriars age must untangle it from (1605). The Tempest is of the period 1609-1611, with all its anxieties, crazes, innovations, and hopes, as much as "White Rabbit" is of 1967.

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