United water fluoridating water

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CDPH and CDC consider it safe to use optimally fluoridated water for preparing infant formula.To lessen this chance of dental fluorosis, you may choose to use low-fluoride bottled water to prepare infant formula.A small percentage get water from private wells with naturally fluoridated water.The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the accepted "optimal" range of fluoride in water lies between 0.7 and 1.2 parts per million (ppm) or mg per liter.The Centers for Disease Control estimates that every dollar invested in fluoridation saves in dental bills.The CDC hails water fluoridation as one of top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century for its cavity prevention effect. In the United States, only Hawaii has a lower water fluoridation rate than New Jersey.Nevertheless, children may still develop dental fluorosis due to fluoride intake from other sources such as food, toothpaste and dental products.Contact your health provider or CDPH if you have concerns about dental fluorosis. Fluoride in levels administered for drinking water is safe for humans and all animals.

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Fluoridated water protects against cavities and root caries – a progressive erosion of adult root surfaces caused by gum recession – and helps remineralize early carious lesions.

The debate of adding fluoride to water is far from over in the state as legislation in Trenton may soon advance.

Students and faculty held their tools at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine dressed as the Cat in the Hat, ready to duel oral combat for National Give Kids a Smile Day which providing free screenings, preventive care and tips.

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Fluoridation and Dental Fluorosis Mandated by State law, water fluoridation is a widely accepted practice proven to be safe and effective for preventing and controlling tooth decay.

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