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* New Installer: Replace NSIS installer with Qt Installer Framework for native MSVC 64 bits Windows builds * New Encoder: Add FFmpeg-based VA-API HW accelerated H.264 encoder (Intel/Linux) * New Encoder: Add FFmpeg-based VA-API HW accelerated HEVC encoder (Intel/Linux) * FFmpeg: Migrate to the 4.x branch * Decoder: As a result of the FFmpeg upgrade, HW accelerated HEVC decoding on mac OS is now available when supported by the hardware * Encoder: Fix issues with image quality and skipped frames in the MJPEG encoder * Demuxer: Fix audio delay calculation in the Mp4 demuxer * Demuxer: Fix crash loading large MP4 files with LPCM audio * Demuxer: Fix multiple issues in the ASF demuxer, allow to cancel indexing * Demuxer: Allow to cancel indexing of MKV files * Demuxer: Re-enable multiloading for MPEG-TS streams cut in chunks of 256, 512 Mi B, 1, 2 and 4 Gi B in size only * Demuxer: Fix MPEG-TS indexer to start a H.264 or HEVC frame with the Access Unit Delimiter * Muxer: Add Annex B to Annex B video stream filter to deal with misplaced frame boundaries * Muxer: Add support for setting rotation flag to the MP4 muxer * Filter: Add rubber band selector to the "Blacken Borders" filter * Filter: Add option to deal with anamorphic display to the subtitle filter, fix issues in SRT to SSA converter * UI: Autosave session on video close, add session restore feature * UI: Add file name extension when saving audio for some audio types * Audio: Make maximum level in the "Normalize" filter customizable * Audio: Improve AAC sampling frequency detection * Audio: Add decoding support for multichannel Opus audio * Miscellaneous: Fix regression playback stuck after going to the previous picture * Miscellaneous: Fix regression "Fade to black" reset when starting filtered playback close to the end of video * Miscellaneous: Fix regression stopping playback rewinds to the start of video if seek back to the last displayed picture fails Some new systems (ubuntu 18.04) do not bundle libjson-c anymore.As a result, the default audio device is not working on those systems.DC Universe Online is now available on #Nintendo Switch!Everyone here at Daybreak is incredibly excited to have our first game ever out on Nintendo, and to have it be an MMO on Nintendo Switch. ow.ly/KDHy50vq6WF pic.twitter.com/8M5Plxe MZX [ALERT] We will perform routine platform maintenance today at 10AM PT.If you are having issues with authorizing our plugins, you can try using another DAW to see if the plugin authorizes there.If you don't have another DAW, you could use Garage Band, which comes with the current and recent versions of Mac OSX.New artist registration will close on March 25, 2019 as we begin work to reassess and restructure the Player Studio Program.

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Learn more: ow.ly/4Jr G30orcp V pic.twitter.com/ji FYEbgt MA Technology has changed, but old fashioned multi-box set-ups still thrill us!You should de-install the previous version first * New Demuxer: Native Avi Synth demuxer (MSVC 64 bits Windows builds only), 64bits avisynth only !* New Demuxer: Vapour Synth demuxer to directly load scripts (MSVC , mac OS with Homebrew, custom Linux builds), 64bits vapoursynth only on win64!Show us photos of your classic Ever Quest set-ups (with CRTs, snacks, and all! 🖥️💿🥤 pic.twitter.com/u Rp1yy6y MT The Ever Quest "Living with a Legacy" panel is just getting started in West Hall Room 3001!If you're at #GDC2019, join us to learn about what it takes to create a legacy.

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