Updating election map

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To add district data to the map, select the Layers button and check the box to the right of the district(s) you want to add to the map.

To quick zoom to a County/Jurisdiction or zoom to a particular Congressional, House or Senate district use the Quick Zoom button.

this policy, the list is meant to be fluid to reflect the public discourse around social issues on and off Facebook that seek to influence public opinion through advocacy, debate or discussion.

Where local data was unavailable, county or other resource data was referenced to construct the local precinct boundaries.

The VTDs were derived from census data and are approximations of local precinct boundaries as they existed at the time of the 2010 General Election, and do not necessarily correspond exactly to actual precinct boundaries as they exist today.

Biggest change of all is that you can now customise the view with the ‘Options’ dialog, so you can see one, two, or all of the big three parties’ share of the vote.

Alternatively, there’s an option to view how SNP/Plaid Cymru are doing, and also how voter turnout varies across the country (mostly in inner cities, so it’s best to zoom in when using that option).

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